Our underground spot coolers are durable, easy to transport units cooling solution made to be placed anywhere on a mine site that needs instant spot cooling of people or equipment. The units are made with a solid steel frame and protective skeleton and are small enough to fit in a loader bucket and also have a sled type undercarriage with hooks for dragging in drift type applications for easy transportation and durability. The units are designed with simple easy to replace and source parts, the units often can be field repaired with parts available at local supplier.

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Mine Cooling Professionals has been servicing the underground mining community since 1996. At this time the homestake gold mine in Lead SD was looking for a solution for cooling the air the miners in the underground drifts of the homestake gold mine, the largest and deepest underground gold mines in North America at the time. With the help of the miners at homestake the company founder Jim Swaby designed and built from scratch the first underground spot cooler - the unit was small enough to fit in a loader bucket, made with a ¼” steel exterior for protection and was easily repaired in the mine, it provided 30 tons of cooling power down the drifts to cool the men working in the mine. It was installed in the mine the next year and was a great success, over the next 9 years 47 more coolers were built and installed in the mine, they were an integral part of keeping the miners cool and productive in the mine. Since the closure of the homestake mine more spot coolers have been built and sent to mines in MN, Montana and Mexico to help with cooling problems at underground mines in those areas. The units are built in South Dakota and are still built to the same specifications that Jim and the miners of homestake relied on for 15 years to provide durable, long lasting easy to transport solutions for spot cooling in underground mines.


Engineered to meet the design conditions of underground mining. We build units with proven components tested underground. We have eliminated those parts and components that could cause nuisance failures and require service.

  • Over 10 years of proven operation in mining applications.
  • Unit has a three piece aluminum top cover gasketed and sealed to prevent water damage.
  • Fan assembly is direct drive, cast aluminum blade, with severe duty motor.
  • Units are run tested for 72 hours in a test facility under mine conditions.
  • Units are engineered to be portable either with a loader or on a rail car.
  • Car assembly is all steel welded construction.
  • Covers and access panels are .25” aluminum.
  • Evaporators are copper tube DX coils with .08 copper fins.
  • Condensers are shell and tube with cleanable tubes.
  • Condensers and Evaporators are leak tested at 450psig and 200psig.
  • Standardized electrical components.
  • Breaker and automatic overload protection, no fuses.
  • Units can be stacked for more capacity in the same amount of space.


  • Solid Steel all welded frames construction.
  • Condenser rating of 511,000 btuh fouled.
  • Cushion clamps on all refrigerant lines.
  • Industrial duty switches and indicator lights.
  • Phase rotation monitor.
  • Liquid line solenoid to prevent compressor slug during start-up.
  • All components are designed and tested to reduce vibration.
  • Cast aluminum vane axial fan with severe duty motor.
  • Evaporators have .010” copper fins.
  • Liquid tight conduit.
  • Low and high pressure safeties.
  • Lock out relay circuit.
  • Fan inter-lock, fan. must be running before compressors can start.
  • Busy Lube fan bearing greasers.
  • Scroll constant velocity compressors.
  • Welded copper fittings.
  • Liquid tight electrical boxes.
  • External and internal compressor protection.
  • Dual receiver pressure pop-offs.
  • 3 minute short cycle delay.
  • No fan belts.
Underground Spot Cooling
Underground Spot Cooling


Units have been designed to be portable and easy to install in underground mining application.

  • Requires no panel removal or alterations in the field.
  • Single point electrical connection.
  • No field refrigerant piping required.
  • No special mounting or bolting in place.
  • Vent bag adapter mounted on unit.
  • Fan tested and adjusted.
  • Single point inlet water connection.
  • No pressure settings required.
  • Requires no start-up delay.


Today’s mines are more conscious of the cost of service and maintenance of the ventilation equipment. This unit was designed by the miners that use them. Their information helped us design a unit that would enable their service people to service the unit with the limited resources in a mine.

  • Major components accessible through hinged panels.
  • All panels bolt on with tapped bolt holes.
  • Refrigerant gauges mounted on all units.
  • Easy access air filter racks. Hinge open to replace filters in less than six inches.
  • Liquid level sight glass.
  • No solid state control boards.
  • Identified control voltage terminal strip.
  • Standard off the shelf replacement parts.
  • Liquid and suction refrigerant filters accessible from end of unit.
  • Water pressure regulating valve mounted in the unit with tap for pressure gauge in line.
  • Head pressure control valve mounted in the unit. Adjustment accessible though hinged cover.
  • Access panel for field adjustment of expansion valves.


Gross Cooling Capacity 378,000 btuh
Fan Nominal CFM 7,000 @ 10” static
Motor HP 20
Motor Drive Type Direct
System Power 460 Volt 3 Phase
Minimum Circuit Ampacity 100 amps
Control Power (internal) 120 Volt
Compressors 2 ea
Compressor Type Scroll
Condenser Coil 540,000 btuh
Evaporator Coils 385,000 btuh
Evaporator Tube Size .625 Copper
Evaporator Fins Per Inch 6/fpi Copper
Refrigerant Charge 85 lbs
Refrigerant Type R-22
Refrigerant Control Liquid Line Solenoid
Refrigerant Metering Thermostatic Expansion
Filters (4 ea.) 20x25x2 Aluminum
Weight (approx) 5200 lbs
Water Usage (approx) 31 gpm
Water Inlet Connection 2” Victaulic
Water Outlet Connection 2” Victaulic
Overall Length min/max 116” / 124”
Overall Width 52”
Overall Height 36”

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